Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Solving Homelessness in Los Angeles

“Homelessness is the moral issue of our time. We are not here to address homelessness… or manage homelessness...or reduce homelessness… we are here to end homelessness once and for all”

-Mayor Eric Garcetti


Since taking office, Mayor Eric Garcetti has made it his priority to address the homelessness crisis. The administration has a three pillar approach: housing those who are homeless; preventing people at risk for homelessness from landing on the streets; and balancing health and safety concerns with the rights and needs of people who are living in unacceptable conditions.

The Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity believes in a Los Angeles that is a prosperous city for all residents and we drive our work toward this end.


In February 2016, the City adopted a Comprehensive Homeless Strategy, which gave us a blueprint to take immediate action, and plan for the future. Its recommendations helped the city allocate an unprecedented $138 million dollars in the 2016-2017 budget- a ten-fold increase in funding for homelessness services and housing since Mayor Eric Garcetti took office.


According to the 2017 Point in Time Count , 34,189 people are homeless.

The victory of both Prop HHH and Measure H provide a promising future for our homeless community and are needed now more than ever. They both provide an opportunity to move our most vulnerable residents off of the street and into permanent housing.


Navigating the homeless services system can be a complicated task. Our team is working with partners to streamline the process and we try to ensure that everyone that comes in contact with our office is connected to City and/or County resources that will best fulfill their needs.


The City has adopted a No Wrong Door” approach to homelessness in every City department to ensure that every City employee is equipped to connect homeless Angelenos with housing and services. For example, the Department of Transportation created a resource for individual experiencing homelessness to address parking citations that are a barrier to employment and housing.


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