Mayoral Internship Program


The Mayoral Internship Program provides a unique opportunity for experiential learning for some of the country's best and brightest undergraduate and graduate students. Those selected to participate will be assigned to a team and will work closely with all levels of government in addition to city commissions and departments on a breadth of issues related to the team's focus area. Placement assignments are made based on a combination of factors including the needs of the Mayor's Office and the intern's skill set and expressed interests.  Interns will perform a variety of tasks which may involve policy research and development, drafting memoranda and briefs, community engagement, outreach and education, administrative tasks, and legal research and analysis.

Our Internship program runs year-round. Our office recruits interns based on staff availability to supervise, available office space for interns, and available projects for interns.

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The Candidates

Prospective interns shall be undergraduate students, graduate students, or recent graduates of a two- or four-year college, university, or vocational school. Ideal candidates must be able to communicate well, display a record of academic achievement, demonstrate a commitment to public service, and be able to work in a fast-paced environment. Candidates shall also maintain a high standard of ethics and integrity in a work environment.


  • Exceptional oral and written communications (writing sample required)
  • Outstanding research and analytical skills
  • Organizational and administrative abilities
  • Demonstrated maturity to work successfully in a professional and fast-paced setting
  • Strong computer literacy -- knowledge of Excel is a plus
  • Understanding of basic program and financial management is a plus


Internship opportunities are available in the following departments:

Homeland Security and Public Safety-Currently Not Accepting Applications

The Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security and Public Safety promotes innovative approaches to a wide range of challenges related to Public Safety, Homeland Security, and Emergency Management. The department develops policy and works with the Los Angeles Fire Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Emergency Management Department, the Los Angeles World Airports, the Port of Los Angeles, and the Department of Water and Power. 

Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD)

GRYD implements the City’s comprehensive violence reduction strategy focusing on gang prevention, intervention, reintegration, and youth development.

Mayor’s Office of Public Safety Fall Organizing Fellow. Get the full description here.

Office of Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development develops policy, programs, projects, and initiatives pertaining to economic development. Teams within the department include the Mayor’s Business Team, Mayor’s Office of Small Business, Planning and Housing, Education and Workforce, Veteran’s Affairs, Minority Business Development Agency Business Center, and International Trade and Development.

  • The Mayor’s Business Team develops strategy, planning, and policy related to job creation, economic development, new business recruitment, and business retention. The team interacts with a wide swath of business sectors. 
  • The Education & Workforce Team develops priorities, strategy, and policy related to education and workforce development. The team oversees and manages the implementation of initiatives, develops and facilitates public/private partnerships, and maintain relationships with stakeholders.
  • The Veteran Affairs Team develops strategies for addressing the needs of veterans. The team advises the Mayor on legislation related to veterans, coordinates services, and sets policies that respond to the needs of disabled and vulnerable veteran populations.
  • The Office of International Trade retains and develops trade opportunities with strategic global partners to promote economic and job growth.  The Office oversees the largest container port in North America, the Port of Los Angeles, and the third busiest airport in the nation, Los Angeles World Airports. 
  • The Planning and Housing Team is responsible for creating planning strategies to develop livable communities. Members of the team perform planning and land use analysis, zoning research, review general plan elements, and develop policies.
  • The Small Business Team is responsible for developing minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses in Los Angeles. The division works with city departments to provide training and financial assistance to minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses and oversees programs to ensure they are considered for city contracts.
  • Minority Business Development Agency Business Center provides minority business enterprises with access to public and private sector contracting and financing opportunities.

City Services

  • The Transportation Services Team works closely with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to develop and implement the Mayor’s transportation agenda. The team also coordinates City street repairs and projects with departments such as the Bureaus of Engineering & Street Services.
  • The Infrastructure Services Team works with the Department of Public Works and the Department of Water & Power to develop infrastructure projects and to deliver utilities to Ratepayers in a fair and sustainable way. The team coordinates with the Bureaus of Sanitation, Street Services, Street Lighting, Engineering, and Contract Administration to plan and implement City projects.
  • The Neighborhood Services Team aids in the delivering many neighborhood-level services, programs, and resources to Los Angeles residents. The team coordinates its efforts with the Departments of Aging, Animal Services, Cultural Affairs, Disability, El Pueblo, Library, Recreation & Parks, and Zoo. The Neighborhood Services Team develops strategies to connect residents with services and ensure that neighborhood facilities are accessible and useful to residents.

Scheduling Office-Currently Not Accepting Applications

The scheduling office is responsible for processing all requests for the Mayor’s time and producing a calendar that represents the Mayor’s agenda. The schedulers are responsible for processing several hundred invitations on a weekly basis.

Mayor's Office of Public Engagement

The Mayor’s Office of Public Engagement (MOPE) is the result of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s vision for an inclusive, transparent, accountable and responsible city government. MOPE acts as a point of coordination for dialogue between the Mayor’s Office and the diverse constituents and communities of Los Angeles.

To this end, MOPE organizes, produces and staffs various events throughout the year to create opportunities for the Mayor to engage with residents and them with him. These events include:

  • Official Appearances – where Mayor may speak, preside, present, or receive
  • Neighborhood Walks – where the Mayor walks a community connecting with the people around a variety of issues
  • Day in the District – where the Mayor conducts business in any one of the 15 Council Districts as he would in City Hall
  • Office Hours – where the Mayor and Senior Officials hear the concerns of constituents and implement resolutions
  • Constituent Services, Mayor’s Help Desk, Mayor’s Mobile Help Desk – handles one-on-one constituent grievances, concerns and suggestions, essentially serving as the customer service arm of the Mayor’s Office
  • Mayor’s Youth Council, Government 101 and Civic University – programs designed to close the gap between public knowledge and how Los Angeles City Government works to empower constituents to effectively influence government
  • Mayor’s Volunteer Corps – where constituents sign-up on line to participate in volunteer opportunities around the city on an event-by-event basis

The aforementioned is achieved through two departments within MOPE, Constituent Services and Area Representation.

Constituent Service Representatives assist the Mayor in aiding the public through problem solving by fielding grievances or suggestions and then communicating with, mediating between and/or referring constituents to the appropriate person or city department to bring about “a resolution or a good reason why not”. CSR’s also provide information about the Mayor’s office, programs and initiatives and work closely with AR’s.

Area Representatives are tasked with issue-based problems and concerns which affect communities-at-large. AR’s are assigned to six main planning areas: Central, West LA, Eastside, South Los Angeles, Valley and Harbor. Dubbed “the face of the Mayor in the community”, AR’s organize, represent or staff the Mayor at a variety of events, as well as meet regularly with stakeholders, community leaders and businesses.

An Internship in MOPE allows interns to experience the exciting day-to-day operations and mechanisms of working in a unique, fast-paced department within the Mayor’s Office where carefully vetted candidates will have the opportunity to learn how policy actually affects a community and its residents. Interns are encouraged to take on leadership roles and special projects as skills progress. Please see the following sessions and deadlines:



Deadline to Apply

When Candidate Will Be Notified for Interview


January - May

November 10

December 15



March 10

April 15



June 10

July 15


To Apply: Internship candidates should send a resume and cover letter (detailing interest in the internship) to Sonnie Martinez at The subject title should say, “Mayor’s Office of Public Engagement: Internship Opportunity”. In the body of the email please indicate which session you are applying for and your ideal schedule. For additional questions, please use the above email.

Budget & Innovation 

  • Innovation and Performance Management Unit (iPMU) helps improve city service delivery by measuring progress towards desired results through research, development and oversight of metrics and process improvements. In addition, the iPMU assists with performance based budgeting and acts as a consultant to city departments. 
  • The Budget Team is responsible for the City's Performance Based Budgeting process. Working with departments, the CAO, and other parts of the Mayor's Office, the Team develops and manages the annual budget process and determines how to allocate $8 billion in annual spending. Budget Team is also working on the creation of a new Innovation Fund for the City and a potential Participatory Budgeting pilot project.
  • The Mayor's Technology Team is focused on digital, online, mobile, connectivity, and mobility. Interns working in tech will be asked to work on leading-edge projects that touch people's daily lives. These projects include working on the strategy and doing the development of the city's online and mobile presence, as well as working on advanced connectivity and mobility projects with city and county agencies.
  • Mayor's Data Team is seeking a fellow to focus on one of two key areas of opportunity: 1) leveraging existing open data for community-based innovation; and 2) analyzing city data for insight and analytics to optimize city performance. The Mayor's Office has a unique role in pushing innovation in the city, and we are seeking participants to help execute our shared vision.

Mayor's Office of Sustainability

The Sustainability Office works on the Mayor’s sustainability agenda including climate change, energy and water conservation, recycling, renewable energy, and other environmental issues. 

Mayor's Communications Office

The Mayor’s Communications Office develops strategies for communicating with the public through earned and social media.

Office of Strategic Partnerships -Currently Not Accepting Applications

Working to facilitate public private partnerships that spark innovation around the City's complex social challenges, the Office of Strategic Partnerships will seek to match private resources with programs that drive measurable impact.

Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs

In 2013, Mayor Eric Garcetti re-established the Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) in order to promote and advance the economic, cultural, social, and political well-being of immigrant communities in the City of Los Angeles. MOIA’s mission is to develop programs and initiatives to support immigrant integration through the coordination of city services, outreach, and legislative advocacy.

MOIA is currently accepting internship applications. Interns will assist MOIA staff by conducting background research on special projects, writing reports, drafting memorandum, as well as assisting with events. Interns will gain first-hand experience in community engagement, outreach, and policy related to immigrant communities, and will interact with all levels of city, state, and federal government. Applications will be accepted from current undergraduate students, graduate students, or recent graduates of a two- or four-year college, university, or vocational school. 

To apply, interested applicants should send their one-page resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to Rita Fernandez at Cover letters may be addressed to Dr. Linda Lopez, Chief, Office of Immigrant Affairs.


Office of Protocol

The City of Los Angeles, Office of Protocol provides an official welcome and city contact to the members of the Los Angeles Consular Corps, the U.S. State Department, and to international governmental dignitaries, assisting with diplomatic courtesies on behalf of the city. When the Mayor is unavailable, the protocol office meets with Consuls and international visitors. The office provides effective planning services that produce efficient itineraries which encourage international government delegations to visit Los Angeles for exchange of ideas and information.

Getty House -Currently Not Accepting Applications

The Getty House is the official residence of the Mayor of Los Angeles. It hosts community members, innovators, activists, business leaders, and elected officials from across the region and around the world. It is run by the Getty House Foundation whose staff develops projects and events related to the foundation's mission of enhancing civic education, fostering community involvement and preserving an important city asset. The Getty House Foundation is also responsible for processing all requests for the Getty House and producing a calendar that represents the Foundation's mission. 

Current positions available: Full-time (possible stipend) (30-40 hours/week), Part-time (15-20 hours/week), Event-based 

Essential Internship Functions: Assist Executive Director with day to day operations of Getty House Foundation, Assist with donor management including donation tracking and acknowledgment letters, Help manage Getty House invitee information for events; maintain accurate and current attendance records; assist in event evaluation and best practices, Staff Getty House events, Create and manage website posts and social media content across multiple platforms (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Federal Affairs (Washington, DC)

The Federal Affairs office works with all offices and departments at City Hall, including Homeland Security and Public Safety, Office of Economic Development, City Services, and Office of Sustainability. The legislative fellow will work on legislative and agency activities that impact City programs and policies. Applicants for the Federal Affairs office should email

List no more than three units/departments in which you are interested in being an intern. An email will be sent with further instructions on applying.